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 It's a Sega Sonic the Hedgehog-centred story. I usually stick to the Archie and DiC versions, but I started watching SonicX when  was 12 or 13. At first I hatd Rouge the Bat, her overactive libido and all. But after some time, I  begun to wonder why she had turned to this kind of life. She's only 17, you know. So, I made this story, encorperating a few elements from the varied Sonic universe.
So you'd better not steal this story...

Rose sat at her window, overlooking the ocean. It was her 15th birthday, and so far no one had said any ‘happy birthdays’ or given her a present.

Her father, Arthur, came into her room. It was just Rose and her father, ever since mother had been turned into a robot. Rose never liked to think about it.

“Rose?” Arthur said. “I have an announcement.”

“What is it, Dad?”

“Well, first things first…I’m going to join the royal army today.”

“Oh, no, Dad, you can’t!” Rose started crying. “It’ll just be me here!”

Arthur hugged her. “Well, your grandparents are going to take you in until I get back. Apparently I’ll be gone for a while, some freak named ‘Robotnik’ is running loose.”


“Just wait. Here,” Arthur took something from his pocket. It was an emerald necklace. He handed it to Rose. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Dad!” Rose accepted the necklace and hugged back.

“No need for thanks, Rosalie, it’ll be something to remember me by while I’m gone.”


She waved at the train, sadly. Her father was in it, waving back. Of course he would come home after the war!

Would he?

No, no, NO! Dad would come back from the war; he had to! Rose tried to keep from crying.

When the train had completely disappeared over the horizon, Rose sat down at a wooden bench. She was told to wait for grandpa and grandma to come and pick her up. She sat, looking around and waiting for the people who were to take her to her new home.


It got dark fast. The only light was a streetlight, hanging over her and giving an eerie light to the station. She was scared and cold. Where were Grandpa and Grandma??

That did it. Rose stood up, took a running start and flew off. She was a bat, after all.

She headed to her house. She landed in her bedroom window and climbed through. Hmph, she thought. If they really want to take me in, they’ll get up and come here. For the meantime, she sat on the floor playing with the emerald necklace. The gem was so intriguing; its facets glittered in the lamplight.

Where could she find more of these? Probably at some mine, or something. She decided on a crazy whim to go after them all.

Something told her she was insane; told her to stay in the house until her grandparents came. Another thing told her to pack her suitcase and start flying.

So, Rose did. She dumped a ton of clothing, makeup, a teddy bear and of course, the necklace.

WAIT! If she DID get any jewels or gems, she would be STEALING! Oh well. Then she should make up a second identity and go as that.

I’m crazy, Rose thought. She dug through her drawers until she found what she could use as a disguise- a pink bustier, dress boots and black pants. She folded them up and put them in the suitcase. And a fake name…her eye fell on a small case of makeup. The label said ‘rouge’. Hey! That was a perfect fake name!

When Rose had locked the suitcase, she stood up and faced the window. I only go away until Dad comes back from the war, she told herself. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a thief all her life. She took the picture of herself and her father off the nightstand and put it in the suitcase, just to remember.

She stood on the windowsill, and silently, she flew into the night.

So, now that you've read it, I should conclude. Why did I name Rouge "Rose"? Well, "rouge" is "red" in French. "Rose" is "pink", a lighter, typically more youthful colour. Pink darkens into red, so Rose matures into Rouge.
By the way, I'm working on a second story, the premise of which has been approved by some denizens of Sheezyart. Rouge just starts out stealing, but runs into a certain Nack the freakin' Weasel! Anyone remember him? Anyway, he starts to teach her on theft and fighting, a few cameos occur, and so on. I'll get it started pretty soon.
~Jenna "Fauna"

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