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Night Of The Bat
By Jen "Fauna" C.

It was in the middle of the night. All would be silent except for a beat up car and a motorcycle cruising across the bridge.

“There they are!” Darkwing pointed out to the car ahead of them.

“Gee, this has to be the earliest bank robbery I’ve ever seen!” Launchpad exclaimed.

“Yeah, no problem for me- I get to stay up late.” Gosalyn said happily.

The ratty car ahead screeched off the bridge and onto a gravel road. The Ratchaser followed, jolting up and down from the gravel and potholes along the road.

“This ought to lose that weirdo,” the crook in the car ahead said to himself.

“H-h-hey D-D-DW, why do w-we have t-t-t-to take th-th-this road?” Launchpad was close to falling out of the Ratchaser.

“B-b-because, LP, th-the-there’s N-N-NO other r-r-road!!” Darkwing snapped.

“N-no, I m-m-mean, why th-this r-r-r-road, and n-not that p-p-paved road n-n-next to us.” Launchpad pointed to the other road.

“Oh.” Darkwing switched roads and cut in front of the car. The car swerved off the road, and into a lamppost. The driver jumped out.

“Okay! Okay! I give up!” He pleaded. He pulled out a suitcase, containing the stolen money. “Here! Take the money.”

“Ha! I knew it. No crook can keep from surrendering to Darkwing Duck!” Darkwing reached for the case. Just then, there was a white blur and the case was gone.

“What?? Where’s the money?” The thief yelled, and began looking around for the case.

“I don’t know, but you’re coming with us, fella.” Darkwing handcuffed the man and put him in the back of the Ratchaser. “Now, to the police station!”


Far away, someone was flying away and carrying a suitcase. She was having trouble flying, as it gets hard to carry a suitcase and flap your wings at the same time. It wasn’t easy being a bat, she thought to herself. She shifted the case to her other wing, then stumbled with it. She grabbed at it.

“Get back here, you stupid…” She grabbed at the case, then her wing locked up. She began to fall from the sky.


In a lighthouse nearby, Megavolt was awakened by the sound of somebody thrashing around in water outside. He went to the window and saw what it was- a female bat was drowning.

“Don’t worry! Hang on!” Megavolt threw a rope out the window towards whoever it was. She grabbed on and pulled herself out of the water, as well as a suitcase. The person coughed out some water, flapped their wings, and flew up to the window.

Megavolt screamed.

“Hey! Calm down there. Thanks for rescuing me.” She sat on the windowsill.

“Don’t mention it. What’s your name?” he asked.

“I’m Batricia. Call me Batty for short. And you are…” Batty asked.

“I’m Megavolt. What were you doing in the river at 1 in the morning?”

“Oh, just drowning. I stole somebody’s suitcase and was just fleeing.” Batty pulled the suitcase inside. “Want to check out what’s in it?”

“Why not?” The two pulled open the locks, revealing several thousand dollars in bills, still dry.

“Wow… there must be a thousand dollars in here!” Megavolt exclaimed.

“Yep, had to steal it. Nobody would hire a bat for anything, anyway. Could you hide it up here for a few days? I’ll give you part of it if you do.” Batty closed the case.

“Alright. But I have to see you again.”

Batty stood up. “Don’t worry, Sparky. You will.” She stood on the windowsill and flew into the night.


It was the next day. The Fearsome Five had gathered in a warehouse for a meeting.

“And then,” said Negaduck as he drew plans on a chalkboard. “I think we should punch any guards nearby, then get inside as fast as we can. Got that, everyone? Hey Megavolt…MEGAVOLT!!” Negaduck yelled.

Megavolt was still in a daze, daydreaming about yesterday’s meeting with Batty.

“MEGAVOLT, WAKE THE HECK UP!!” Negaduck bended over and screamed into Megavolt’s face.

“AGH!! OKAY! OKAY!” Megavolt yelled.

“Good. Stay awake or you can say ‘bye-bye’ to one of your arms.” Negaduck went back to explaining his plan.

Quackerjack leaned over to Megavolt. “Say, why are you so hazy this morning?” QJ whispered.

“Oh, nothing…yesterday I met this bat lady, and she stole this cash and I hid it for her, and now…” Megavolt said quieter, “I think I like her.”

Quackerjack burst out laughing. “MEGAVOLT’S IN LO-OVE! SPARKY’S IN LO-OVE! HE TOLD ME! HA!”

“SHUT UP, STUPID!” Megavolt put Quackerjack in a headlock. Quackerjack kicked and squirmed.

“HA-HA-HA! HE TOLD ME!” Quackerjack yelled before he got a hand over his beak.

Negaduck snapped his chalk in half. “Will. You. SHUT UP?”

Quackerjack and Megavolt stopped fighting.

Megavolt started, “Well, Negs, what happened was I-”

Quackerjack shouted, “He told me he met this bat chick and now HE LIKES HER I HEARD IT MYSELF! HA-HA-HA!”

Negaduck was quiet. “Well, normally I’d rip off your skin and arms, but I feel nice today. Quackerjack…shut your beak and sit down. Megavolt…when you meet the girl again, play it calmly. Now, all of you get back to listening or I’ll shoot you.” He went back to drawing out plans.

Everybody was amazed how easy they got off.


Later that afternoon, at SHUSH, Darkwing was explaining what happened the day before to J. Gander.

“And then, the crook was handing the bank’s money to me, I was going to return it, and then something flew by and stole it!” Darkwing said.

“Well, that sounds quite perplexing.” J. Gander said to himself. “Wait a minute, Darkwing! Were you near 5th Avenue?”

“Why yes, I was! What about it?”

“Those cameras we installed to stop cars from running red lights…they could have clues about what happened.”

“Hey, you’re right! To the surveillance room!” Darkwing lead the way.

The surveillance tape for 12:00 AM 5th Avenue was in the machine. J. Gander was clicking through, showing the time from when Darkwing cut ahead of the bank robber, to when the suitcase disappeared.

“It looks like nothing, perhaps a wild pigeon came by.” J. Gander had no idea of what the thing was.

“No, the wild pigeon is the size of a football. It couldn’t carry a case with that weight…have you tried going frame-by-frame, J Gander?” Darkwing looked closer at the video screen.

“I’ll try again, Darkwing. But we probably won’t find anything new.” J. Gander rewound the tape, and then clicked past the first few frames. He stopped.

“I think we have captured the perpetrator. Whoever it is, they appear to be a bat.”

“A bat??”  Darkwing exclaimed.

“Yes, but what I meant was that the person’s species is Bat, like your species is Duck. They are not a pet bat.” J. Gander clicked through, showing the person –obviously a she- taking the suitcase and flying off.

“Don’t worry, J. Gander! I’ll find this thief, whoever she is!” Darkwing headed towards the door.


It was 9:00 PM, and Megavolt was waiting by the window. Batty would be here to pick up the money soon, and he couldn’t wait. Yet after 10 minutes, he became convinced that Batricia wouldn’t return.

“Oh no, she’s either gotten captured by the police, or she’s drowned…” he said to himself. Then he turned to the window and saw somebody looking in.

“AGH! Oh, Sparky, glad to see you again.” Batty climbed in.

“Um-er-you too.” Megavolt stuttered.

Batty took the suitcase. “Well, now it’s time to divide this. Then I must be going. Some police are after me, the jerks.” She opened up the case and counted to her self. “One, hundred, two…Here, Sparky. Two thousand. Don’t worry, I still have 8 thousand left.” Batty opened the window.

“Wait,” Megavolt tried to stop her. “Don’t leave yet! The police are after you.”

“Yes, but I can fly. Until some weirdo invents flying squad cars, I’m safe. Hey, what going on down there?” Batty looked towards the bridge, which had a car being chased by a duck on a motorcycle. It looked like the bank robbery the night before.

“I’m going down there! There’s even more cash to take.” Batty flew towards the bridge, still carrying her suitcase.

“Stop! It looks like a trap!!” Megavolt jumped out the window and ran after her.


It was a staged robbery. Darkwing was chasing after a car, which was driven by Launchpad, and the chase was going in a continuous loop. The ‘money bag’ was stuffed with hay.

“Hey DW!” Launchpad yelled out the window. “I’m running out of gas for the car!”

“So am I! But I just know that the thief’s bound to come any time soon!” Darkwing shouted back. Just then, a person swooped by the car. Launchpad stopped the car. The person screamed and dropped a suitcase they were carrying. It snapped open, showing the 8 thousand in bills inside.

“It’s her! The thief! Somebody throw something!” Launchpad threw the sack of hay at the bat. She swerved, barely missing the sack. Just then, Megavolt ran onto the bridge.

“It’s an ambush, DW!!” Launchpad backed away.

“Stop!! Don’t hurt her! She’s only stealing to support her family!!” Megavolt yelled.

“Sparky?? What are you doing here??” Batty called down.

 “NOW!” There was a POOF and Darkwing had fired something out of his gas gun. Nobody could tell what he fired, but it was a thick cloud, and it clouded around Batty. She couldn’t see, and she flew into the side of the bridge.

“Uh oh…” Launchpad said out loud.

“BATTY!” Megavolt screamed. He ran to Batricia, who was alive but badly injured.

“My leg, I think I broke my leg…” Batty gasped. She moved her arms. She could still fly.

“Do you need to go to a hospital, madam?” Darkwing asked, uneasy.

“I’m fine everyone. I’ve had a good time, but it’s time for me to leave.” Batty spread her wings out and flew into the air.

“Batty! Wait! Will I ever see you again?” Megavolt ran behind her.

“Sure, why not. We shall meet again in the future.” Batty flew away.

All was silent.

Megavolt just stood there. Then he tensed up and threw a rock at Darkwing.


Darkwing said, “But we weren’t trying to hurt her! We were just trying to stop her, that’s all!”

“Who cares??” Megavolt ran away from the bridge.

Darkwing and Launchpad stood there sadly.

“Well, we recovered the money…”Launchpad looked at the ground.

“Yes, but all I feel right now is sorry for Megavolt and that bat.” Darkwing put the suitcase in the car. “To the bank.” And they drove away.


The next night, Negaduck was pacing the floor in his warehouse. Beat up the guard; take the gun, then what? He forgot his own plan. Dang it. There was a knocking at the window. He whipped it open.

“Yeah, what?” He said harshly. There was a person sitting on the windowsill. She had bandages on her arm, a band-aid on the side of her face and her leg in a splint.

“Hey, mister,” She said. “I saw you with a guy named Megavolt once. Can you tell me where to find him?”



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