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The Disney Afternoon #3, January 1995
This is an entire comic book. It has two stories about Darkwing Duck, although I prefer the 2nd. A bit about this comic series: The Disney Afternoon comic was published by Marvel from November 1994 to August 1995. Yes, this series lasted 10 issues. At the back of the comic there's a subscription card for 12 issues of this. Marvel'll have to make a few thousand refunds on the lost two issues. The first story is
'Club Mud'
This story sucks. When you're reading it and seeing all the mitakes, it's like someone hitting you with a windshield wiper. First reason- It has a stupid plot. Second reason- some characters look like they were just made from promotional art, the pictures of cartoon characters used in colouring books, ads and valentines. The story starts with Darkwing cornered by Megavolt, Tuskernini, Steelbeak and Bushroot in DW's own bedroom (Which I do not understand) so they try to attack him, then Darkwing jumps out of the was and smashes into the dresser drawer. Drake Mallard wakes up, revealing that it was a dream. The next day at SHUSH, Darkwing says to J. Gander that he's having the same nightmare over and over, so J. Gan gives him a vacation brochure for some place called Club Mud that someone dropped off that day. [What annoys me is that on the brochure, there is a human woman's face on it.] So the brochure looks great, and Drake Mallard goes to Club Mud, and sees that it's really crappy. What I noticed was that the place is run and inhabited by cartoon bears. No ducks. Not a bird for a mile. Drake wants to leave, but overhears that the place has FOWL agents in there, ready to attack the SHUSH agent they thought was coming. So he hears that there's a costume contest for everyone to dress as Darkwing Duck [And the windshield wiper hits me again] so Drake uses the oppertunity to go as Darkwing Duck and send a morse code message to SHUSH telling them that the place has FOWL agents. FOWL picks up the message. SHUSH people come to stop the spies. [NOT ANOTHER DUCK IN SIGHT. ALL BEARS.] FOWL people are prepared and fire mud at them. SHUSH is losing the battle. Darkwing gets in a pile driver and drives the FOWL people into the mud pile. SHUSH wins. Darkwing goes home. Back at SHUSH, J. Gander comments on how tired DW looks. So he recommends another place from another brochure someone dropped off. DW screams, "I'm getting out of here!" and leaps out the window. The end
This sucked. Art is bad, [at the beginning Megavolt's silhouette has no buck teeth like he usually has. So the silhouette makes Megs look weirder] and the only birds in the story are Drake/DW, J. Gander, Steelbeak and Bushroot.
This gets my lowest rating yet, */*****
The better story [in my opinion] is 
Batteries Not Included
The art is much better in this story, almot like a sketch in some places. And the artist didn't make it out of promotional pictures. 
The story starts with Drake Mallard about to watch TV, but the remote doesn't work. So he gets mad and starts stomping on it. Gosalyn and Honker come by, and Gosalyn suggests using the dials on the TV. Later on, Drake gets a 'secret message' from SHUSH [A brick thrown though the window]. Darkwing and Gosalyn call J. Gander from some fancy TV that looks like a Tv/VCR/1970's radio. I'm not complaining. They are told that batteries all over town aren't working, so Launchpad and Darkwing are about to drive off and find the culprit, but the Thunderquack and Ratchaser don't work. They end up having to take a bicycle. Darkwing uses this thing called the 'Triangulating Electromagnetic Power Pointer and nail clipper' to point out the place where the energy seems to be coming from. In fact, it is coming to them. Seconds later, Megavolt drives over them with a big truck. Darkwing wonders why he's only taking power from batteries. They go to the St. Canard Electrical Plant, where it turns out Megavolt's using the battery power to fuel this machine called the 'Triple Tank Titanic Turbo Transformer' that will take the whole city's power. What he plans to do with it, it doesn't say. A line he says is "Once I drain the power from this beauty, the city will be plunged into the abyss! ~heh heh~ And it'll be real dark too!" Last year I bought this comic, and at the time I didn't know what an 'abyss' was. According to Webster's Home & School Dictionary, it's 'a dark pit in the Bible where lost souls, demons and monsters lurked'. Sounds fun. So Darkwing interferes, and Megavolt fires a gun at him. The Triple Tank Yadda-yadda is about to be turned on when

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