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Sweet Duck Of Youth & Double-O-Duck, 1989 Mallard Press
Sweet Duck Of Youth starts with Scrooge's birthday. Mrs. Beakley, The nephews, Webby and Launchpad give him a rocking chair. Scrooge decides he's too old now, and wants to find the Fountain Of Youth. A bit later, he tells everyone, "Pack your bags, we're goin' to Florida!" It doesn't give much detail, sadly, since I haven't seen this episode in seven years and would like some detail (Look, I know there's a DVD set with this episode but Walmart only had 5 copies and they sold out. Fast.) So, Scrooge reads from a book that Ponce De Leon found the Fountain Of Youth in Florida, so everyone gets in the helicopter and goes to Florida. Meanwhile, a man in old Spaniard-style uniform shoots down the helicopter with a cross bow. The helicopter goes down, and Scrooge gets seperated from the group. He sets up a little camp. The Spaniard soldier comes to the camp and Scrooge faints. When he wakes up, he and Launchpad are in nets in a small shack, being watched over by the soldier. Outside, the nephews have found the shack. Inside, the soldier yells at Scrooge and Launchpad that they'll never get the map to the Fountain, and he takes off his helmet revealing he is an old man. He leaves the shack, and the nephews get in and free Scrooge and Launchpad. The old man gets back and decides to tell them where the fountain is, but it's dry. So at sunrise, they all go to the Spanish Ruins.
Will they find anything? Read the book or watch the episode to find out.
Very colourful pictures. It's safe to read to a child, but the old man in the soldier uniform is a bit scary. This story is *****/*****
But if you're reading the book to a child, you might want to skip this part:
Double-O-Duck seems a bit scary and inappropriate to read to a young child. The writer has tried had to child-friendly it a bit, and they succeeded.
This story starts with Launchpad walking down a street when two men in trenchcoats (They look a little scary to me) capture him, thinking he's Klaus Von Paten. He gets put in questioning by a 'fierce-looking fat man'. See? They put the words Fat Man in a kid's book. But this was 20 years ago. I love the 80's. Then, two trenchcoated-men bring in the REAL Klaus. But I don't understand one thing- On that page's picture, Scrooge is suddenly standing next to the fat man and Launchpad. Where did he come from? Anyhoo, the fat man (Still not named) wants Launchpad to join the Duckland Intelligence Agency. Scrooge persuades him to join, and he does, so they show him the car he has to use. (It can FLY!) and he has to wear a wig. So, he is sent to India. He ends upstopping at this dance place which has Ducka Hari (Named Feathers Galore in the episode, but I think the name change was made to get rid of all references to Pussy Galore in the Bond movies.I hate watching them, I just got the name from my parents' converation about movies) So, like in the show, she orders him to meet her in her hotel room. On the next page, is a two page brightly coloured picture of Launchpad and Ducka, almost like in the episode, yet not as grisly:

A low note in the cartoon

Ah, see? But in the illustration her hand is on his head and she is sitting on top of the couch. So, Launchpad escapes and there is a car chase and Ducka rams Launchpad's car over the cliff. She thinks 'Klaus' is dead, so she drives off. Meanwhile, Launchpad's car didn't hit the ground but it flew away. A few days later he sees her going into a Switzerland grocery store, so he goes after her. He sneaks into the back of the store into the freezer. It's too cold, so he turns up the temperature in the freezer but the knob opens a secret passage-way and he goes in.
What happens next? Read the book or watch the episode.
Well. This was very scary and a little inappropriate. At least the picture for the 'hotel incident' wasn't as suggestive as the cartoon's. Those trenchcoat men are freaky to me. ****/*****

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