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Webby Saves The Day
Random House publishing, 1989

I'd have to say that I have one of the rarest copies. It must have been a printing accident, but in order to read the book, you have to turn it around and upside down. Yes, the pages are in upside down.

Back to the review: The book starts off with Donald joining the Navy. Then, Launchpad gets hired as Scrooge's pilot, and he lands the helicopter in Scrooge's fountain by accident. Everybody gets out and goes into the mansion, and the nephews think the place 'looks like a prison'. Duckworth is in charge of watching Huey, Dewey and Louie but they keep causing trouble, as shown with the colourful picture of Louie on a skateboard, running Duckworth over in the hall. Duckworth complains to Scrooge, and he hires Mrs. Beakley who 'brings her young niece', Webby. [But wasn't Webby Mrs. Beakley's granddaughter?] Mrs. Beakley has no trouble watching the kids.

Meanwhile, the Beagle Boys [Not individually named] are broke and hungry and just decide "What are we waiting for? It's time we visited the mansion of Scrooge McDuck. And we should do it when he's not home!" To me, that sounds really stupid. The writer doesn't exactly SAY what they'll do in the mansion. [What, sell cookies, make out, set things on fire?] So they grab their tools [nail filer, pliers, hook, to name a few] and pile into a small, purple car. In that picture, they are smiling like wackos and the Beagle in the backseat looks buck-toothed.They park the purple car behind the mansion and watch as Scrooge gets into his car and drives off. They get in the house through a window. For a straight 6 pages, the Beagle Boys are grinning [And that is getting REALLY creepy]

Meanwhile, the nephews are listening to music. Webby is bored and asks if they want to play, but they ignore her. Webby leaves the room sadly, and hears footsteps. She sees the Beagle Boys robbing the mansion [and they are STILL grinning]. Webby tries to tell the nephews, but the ignore her again. So, she takes a skateboard and marbles and pushes then towards the Beagle Boys. On the next page, they have fallen over with jewels and money spilling all over the floor and a suit of armor falls on them.

Webby ties the three up with rope, and then the nephews come out of their room and exclaim "Gosh! Webby caught the Beagle Boys!" [But how did they know who they were? Another plothole] Then, Scrooge gets home and is greeted by Mrs. Beakley [who hasn't been around for 18 pages] and Scrooge sees the mess and thinks the nephews have been 'up to trouble' but they tell him it was the Beagle Boys and Webby caught them. The police come out of nowhere and take away the Beagles, and the nephews are finally nice to Webby. The end. Traw Law. 

Very nice illustrations, with the exception of the Beagle Boys' constant grinning. If you ignore the plotholes here and there [like how the cover has the gang in a helicopter, which had nothing to do with the story] it's a good book. ***/*****

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