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NOTE: As of December 2007, I declare this page outdated. Please excuse the poor writing quality, since I was 12 or 13 at the time of writing. I can't even read this, it's so lame.
First Off: If you already have all the Darkwing tapes or books in existance, skip this. This is aimed at young or new fans. Also, I am not trying to advertise any other websites.

Welcome, folks! I will be your teacher today on how you can find books or stuff about Darkwing Duck. I am making this guide because I've had trouble finding books in the past, so I felt like helping some of you. Also, I would like to add a few words of encouragment: "HA HA I HAVE THREE BOOKS TWO TOYS AND A VIDEO NEENER NEENER NEENER."

First, you should try and find a list of books and find one that seems interesting. You can look on other fan sites or on [The Cartoon Tales ones are the best] Once you have one or more in mind, you can call around at bookstores. I recommend the second-hand bookstores. Because if you were to call a new store:

WORKER: Hello, this is McPherson's Books, how may I help you.

YOU: Do you have 'Darkwing Duck: The Darkest Night' in stock?

WORKER: Uh, no. But we have the latest Harry Potter...

That's why. For me, there was a second-hand department store called Value Village [Corny name, eh?] where I managed to find a few DW books, as well as a Great Mouse Detective storybook and Sonic The Hedgehog comic #1. But this is not about mice or hedgehogs, so now we come to:

Look around bookseller websites. I'd recommend, which is where I found both of my Cartoon Tales books. Yes, online ordering is safe when you use money orders.

Check garage sales. I managed to find 'Clean Money' at a giant 9-block garage sale. At a tiny house next to a church sale, I found a Disney Adventures book from 1995 that had Darkwing comics. And on June 3rd 2005, I found two DAs from 1992 and 1993 with Darkwing comics that brought me onto this whole fandom. As for videos, check at independent video stores [Those quaint little corner video shops that aren't BlockBuster], yard sales or secondhand stores. If you should go out and look around, I bid you good luck.

[Also, I'm sorry I mentioned so many businesses in this thing. I needed references, you know.]

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