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I've written some awful things in the past, and now I write things with equally awful content. Below are my new fan fiction, my old, fangirlish fan fiction, and my reviews. I must warn you extensively that if you don't wind up clicking on a poorly-written text file by a deranged twelve-year-old, you will click on slash written by a mellowed seventeen-year-old.
New Material (2009-present)
Sleepless in St. Canard: Quackerjack bothers Megavolt while the latter tries to sleep. This is totally QJxMV. Don't read it if you know it'll bother you.
I Fell Down The Stairs: Megavolt tries to remember his birthday, Quackerjack tries to celebrate, and inadvertedly injures him with stairs. Cutesy friendship fiction.
Old Material (2005-2006)
The Factory: My first fan fiction. It's so terrible, based on a dream I had, that I can't help but read it with shame and awe. Where would the tower come from? Why does everybody but Launchpad group up and scream a lot? Is Launchpad lucky for not being around? Why Fluffy, the comic villain, of all people?
Beetleduck: An unfinished parody I wrote in October 2005, after Teletoon ran Beetlejuice four times that month. It was meant to be pretty big, with the Muddlefoots as the Waitlans and Negaduck as Beetlejuice, but I lost interest around November that year.
Doc6: This thing is so weird I just named it after its file name. My old character's negative, Nega-Amelia Quackerton (she used to be a singer in the normal universe) is about to adopt Nega-Gosalyn when Amelia is shot during her job as a stripper. Why would a twelve year old write detailed things about what goes on in a strip club?
Night Of The Bat: Oddly enough, I thought a bat girl was the perfect match for Megavolt, and this resulted. I was twelve when I wrote this, and Batricia was just one in a group of female fan characters I made up. Negaduck's volativity is too muted for me to accept it.
The Anti-Gizmoduck Story: Why did I hate Gizmoduck when I was twelve? I used to love him in Ducktales when I was little! I'm keeping this up here as an example of how fangirling makes you do ridiculous things.
Disney Afternoon #3: An obscure comic I found by surprise in 2005. It was really, really bad, and I never finished this review because it was really, really bad.
Webby Saves the Day: An old Ducktales book review, based on an episode. Pretty much all that.

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