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Astro Boy
Toon Town Blog
Saturday, 15 September 2007
Beating Angel Dokuro-Chan, Part Two
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: Video

Well, this concludes the second and final part of Toon Town's first video review! If you readers are interested in watching the damn thing, try like I did. Be aware that IT DOES CONTAIN SOME FREAKY STUFF, so be careful when watching. On a related note, I want to mention the only character in BAD-C that I find normal is Shizuki. Followed by the purple-haired goth girl and a few of the background boys. Other characters are way too "advanced" and graphic for their age (12), and the whole scene with Sakura, Sabbat and the psychosexual imagery was more disturbing than I put into words. Shizuki is the Alice or the Sailor Mercury amongst the madness. (Bakugan and Sailor Moon references!)

On the Jonathon thing - Jonathon Lewis is a character in the online comic series Skipper the Robot Kid, Jon being the second most dangerous person, the once friend of the crazy guy and a barely-getting-by salaryman with an exwife and 3rd grade daughter. He's one of the more fun characters to work with, and has a direct connection to the music of Blancmange. I really hope to hire that singer as Jon's voice one day - you know how much I like that "everything-has relevance" thang.

 Coming soon - hopefully a music video review, a rant and perhaps another walkthrough of a new anime or one of three strange "Koreanime", Korean cartoons that were made in the 70's or 80's, then brought overseas and poorly dubbed. These three are insane.


Posted by audobonbridge at 2:39 AM EDT
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Saturday, 8 September 2007
Beating Angel Dokuro-Chan: The Review
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Video

Well, one must admit this was an interesting anime choice. I wish I could have put in a gory picture to keep the elder-male audience hanging, but part one has probably got enough meat for you to chew on.

Anime like this stemmed from the "Video Girl Ai" series, 'bout a lonely guy nicknamed "Dateless" who happens to get a Video Girl tape, yet his VCR is broken and the Video Girl shoots out of his TV. This kind of genre features pervert humour, and in recent years, overabundance of violence.

Now, I can stand some violence. I just hate the "blood 'n squishy bits" protruding from the victim. I'll watch giant robots (or little ones, if you get who I reference) fighting, but when a half-naked underager starts hacking of a young boy's head and making his fluids spray like water from a New York hydrant in summer, I want to crawl into the back of my chair and go on watching Black Jack. Only problems I've ever found with BJ are Pinoko, why Kei Kisagari hasn't shown up in the anime, what they did to Tenma's face, the occasional organ shot or cross-section of braiiins.

 But, that's just me.

Posted by audobonbridge at 1:48 AM EDT
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Monday, 3 September 2007
The Astro Family Circus
Mood:  hug me
Topic: Astro Boy

I must say, as my first made-in-one-sitting article, this came out strangely. I didn't really know how to end it, and I ended up just pointing out the weird crap and family ties in Astro Boy. I really didn't want to insult a few of the characters, but really:

1. How does Tenma do his hair?

2. Why was Yuko added in the new version, and his she in a thing with Ochanimizu? And what is with that damn ostrich?

3. Did Ochanimizu's mother take steroids while pregant? And how did he get out of the womb?

 Er...I'll review a music video next week, maybe. In the future I've got a thing about an American Astro comic - you read that right. It's a really screwed-up creation and is referenced a few times in this article. And hell, Hamegg's here too...AND HE'S ITALIAN! I'll see you in six.


Posted by audobonbridge at 12:53 AM EDT
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